Top 3 Physical Therapy Job Interview Tips

One of the biggest things, one of the biggest cost and expenses for us employers is HR and it’s finding someone that you know is going to be there for the long call. If I had to choose between two people and I knew that this person just had a better feeling, that this is person is going to be there for the long call, I am picking that person on every time, even if that person is not as good as this person over here.

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10 Best Back Pain Relief Exercises (Advanced)

The first back pain relief exercises are bridges with a band, bridges with ball squeeze, and the dead bug. These are all great for the back and for the core and glutes. Try to keep a pelvic tilt while doing them. Next are modified plank, prone swimmer, and prone superman. When you are on your stomach in prone, it does a great job of strengthening your core and trunk muscles. Then there are quadruped exercises including quadruped leg extension, quadruped opposite arm/leg (bird dog), and quadruped same side arm/leg. Try to keep your back in a neutral position for these to get the best work out. The final back pain relief exercise is seated rows with a band. These are great for your back, upper back, and shoulders.

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